"Yoga with Sara has become one of my favorite pastimes and something I prioritize to fit into my schedule. Not only is she well versed in all types yoga, but she understands the importance of the mind-body connection and manages to weave in knowledgeable physiotherapy and mindfulness into her practice. I leave her classes feeling grounded, present, relaxed and ready to focus on the day ahead. Yoga has offered me more benefits than I have space to list, but my favorites include increased strength and flexibility, better posture and attitude! Thanks for sharing your gift, Sara!" -KR
"My introduction to yoga came through Sara’s “Yoga for Endurance Athletes” series.  As a middle-aged man I was skeptical of yoga from stereotypes gathered over the years but was intrigued as a long-time runner training for a marathon.  After my first session I was surprised to find the relaxed and engaging atmosphere she fostered and how she made yoga accessible to a novice like myself.  I found muscle groups that I thought were strong being tested and other areas that I didn’t even know existed!  It was amazing to experience the improvement in balance, strength, and most surprisingly body awareness as the classes progressed.  Even as a lifelong competitive athlete who ran, lifted weights, and cross-trained, I was amazed at how many muscle groups I had neglected that Sara was able to address with me. After the series concluded, I immediately coordinated with Sara to continue forward with my practice.  We communicate regularly and have developed a great partnership as my training and injury needs have evolved.  To anyone apprehensive or intimidated by the thought of starting yoga, I would strongly recommend an open mind and giving it a shot with Sara.  Her outlook and technique has made me a firm believer!" -DP
“I’ve been practicing with Sara for a few years now. Her class is hands-down my absolute favorite.  She’s taught me an awareness of my body that I’ve never had before.  Her knowledge of the muscles and body systems has helped me to improve some of my own pains and weaknesses. I love the way Sara tunes into just what her clients are needing and feeling the day of class. I always leave feeling refreshed and taken care of! “ -JO
"I started yoga with Sara to help with rehabilitation from a running injury. I came in with some preconceptions about yoga, but Sara’s down to earth and practical approach immediately changed that; she promotes a safe environment where listening to your body and adapting to individual needs is key.  It is nearly two years later, and I am stronger and more balanced than ever before. Sara diligently and expertly provides customized sessions to address problem areas, fitness goals, and promote overall health—physical and mental. My injury has been persistent, but yoga has helped me make more progress on the road to recovery than any other type of treatment/rehab. Though I still miss competitive running and hope to return to it someday, I am grateful this injury led me to connect with Sara and a style of yoga that enhances my daily physical and mental health. It has truly changed my life and is now something I do every day to continually develop strength, flexibility, balance, and awareness in my body and in my life. I highly recommend yoga with Sara!" -MP
"I have been taking yoga classes from Sara for over 3 years. She is not just an “instructor” but also a “teacher”. I have learned so much about my body and how to use it all through her teaching. She integrates her knowledge to her students while showing poses, modifications, and challenges for all abilities. After taking her ‘Stretch and Flex” classes I feel limber and relaxed as if I received a full body massage. When “Sculpt” is on the agenda she brings it as an athlete that challenges and strengthens our bodies and minds. As a yoga teacher, voice is essential. Sara’s voice is soothing, clearly directing, and strong depending on the class and poses. She sees herself as a continual learner, growing her knowledge and skill set. Her ability to work with all ages and abilities connecting with students shows Sara’s gift as a yoga teacher. I am so thankful for her teaching, wisdom, and passion. Joyfully"-MM
"I have to say, before practicing yoga with Sara I was the most adamant advocate against yoga.  I tried a handful of instructors in person and on video and every one made me so discouraged and frustrated with their main focus being "clearing your mind, stop thinking about your life, etc." Oh sure, that's easy for you to say!  So, I would make a point to tell everyone that mentioned yoga to me that I thought it was a huge waste of time and only left me feeling angry.  Until...I had the groundbreaking pleasure to practice yoga with Sara.  I was skeptical at first, but gave it a try and absolutely loved it!  Sara has such a welcoming, thoughtful and informative approach to sharing her knowledge and gift as a yoga instructor. In her class you will feel comfortable at any level as she shares her passion.  While she helps you engage your breath, encourages being relaxed, and being in the moment...you actually end up "clearing your mind" and being absolutely present with her approach.  Sara's emphasis is not only on form but the health benefits of what you are doing as she guides you into various positions.  She does so with such positivity and detailed information that you will leave having actually learning more about your body and its capabilities.  Sara has such a warm, friendly and genuine personality that you will end her session feeling truly cared for.  Sara got me hooked on yoga and even power yoga!  Both are something I will do for the rest of my life, hopefully practicing with her.  With her guidance I truly believe anyone, with any ailments, at any age can be successful and in time love practicing yoga!  Sara is amazing and I am so grateful and thankful our paths crossed.  She has inspired me to appreciate and love my body for all that it can do." -DN
"I have been recently diagnosed with MS and found my sessions with Sara extremely beneficial. She caters every class to the needs & well-being of her students. Every class is different and I learn something new every week. I always leave her class feeling relaxed with a renewed focus bringing awareness to my body, breath and mind." -AS

"I've been taking barre and yoga classes from Sara for 3 years.  I was not a fan of yoga before I met Sara!!  I found it awkward and uncomfortable.  Taking her classes changed me. Her knowledge of the body and skills make her yoga classes the best!  Yoga has become an important part of my weekly routine and I feel connected to the movements and my body.  I'm still learning the breath with the movements but I thoroughly enjoy yoga now, thanks to Sara!!" -JM