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When participating in any online classes by Sara Randall Yoga, I affirm that I alone am responsible to decide whether to practice yoga and participation is at my own risk. I understand that yoga includes physical movements and with any physical activity the risk of injury is always present and cannot be entirely eliminated. When I choose to participate in these classes, I understand that I am agreeing to irrevocably release and waive any claims against Sara Randall.

All Around Hip Space

Vinyasa Level 2

45 mins

Props: 2 blocks (optional)

Unwind deep accumulated tension in the muscles that reside around your hip joint. Start seated and work through low lunges, standing postures and reclined postures to soothe your body and mind through this impactful practice.

Improve Your Posture

Vinyasa Level 2

40 mins

Props: block

Open up chest and frontal shoulders along with strengthening upper back and full circumference core. These 3 components together will help improve your posture. We'll move through a series of postures to strengthen and stretch these tight places of the body. Great class to do if you work at a computer.

Yoga To Release Stress

Restorative Level 1

60 mins

Props: Bolster or blanket

Feeling overwhelmed or unhinged? Press play. We slow things way dow and nurture our nervous system by soothing our body and mind with longer holds and deeper breath.

Energize and Balance

Vinyasa Level 2-3

45 mins

Props: Block (optional)

Energize your body and brighten your mind with uplifting movement. Start off with a few seated and mellow hip openers before flowing through lunges and twists and then build some heat and focus with balancing poses. End with an optional urdhva dhanurasana (wheel) before dropping into deep rest to polish off a comprehensive practice.

Neck to Hips Comfort

Hatha Level 1-2

45 mins

Props: Bolster and Block

Offer comfort and ease by creating space and mobility in your neck all the way to the muscles residing around your hips. Start off in a reclined supportive heart opener, then onto a few reclined hip openers. Continue to address the tight spaces around upper back and chest to reduce pain in your neck. Of course we spend time lengthening our side bodies. End with a few technical movements targeting hands, wrists and forearms and feel for yourself how that can be the icing on the cake! Enjoy savasana on your own.

Strength & Flexibility for Athletes

Vinyasa Level 2-3

50 mins

Hone in on mechanics and precision of your body and focus your mind in this strong flow. Sequence targets release for quads, hamstrings, glutes, and shoulders. Start with some grounding release then move into a heat-building standing flow continuing to balancing poses and twists. End with a backbend of your choice then set yourself up for a longer savasana. A great practice for any level athlete as well as more seasoned yoga practitioners.

Effort into Ease

Vinyasa Level 1-2

35 mins

Props: Block

Use gentle effort to find ease in your body, mind, mood and attitude. Start by creating space and comfort with your breath then move into some lunge variations, mellow vinyasa and end with a few reclined poses to address unease in your hips and spine.